“If you work in Silicon Valley, you come from the future”

Firstly, what are UI UX design deliverables, and Why are they critical to your success?

It is a document that usually communicates ideas, various research outputs, and sets a direction for other designers and developers. Now, for design professionals, these deliverables are a tangible manifestation of the evolving design direction & communicate how that direction can be achieved. Each deliverable is structured in a way that helps provide solutions for the next phase. But not everyone understands this term often when discussing or presenting ideas during various phases of…


Have you ever wondered why some products like Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, and the likes, became the giants that they are? What is the secret piece that worked for them that somehow many others lack? That missing piece is no magic. It took vision and a true sense of judgment along with research for implementing that which is non-negotiable.

The idea of a user-centered product is a focal point across a variety of industries today. Companies are seeing benefits in placing their users at the start of their design decisions. …


2020 felt like the age of armageddon and somehow, 2021 feels like the age of rising businesses. Call us poetic but our race sure knows how to rise from the ashes. The pandemic sure has not ended yet, but we are back on our feet yet again.

Now, you must think that it’s great that the market is flooded with new businesses & it’s expanding even in the middle of the pandemic. Well, you are not wrong. But it’s a bitter-sweet situation for businesses. The rise in the amount of new business means more options for consumers, hence, a tough…


2020 has been a year that none of us could predict — A year to forget! It had brought chaos & uncertainty a few could have imagined, but there have still been signs of inspiration, innovation, and courage. There have been moments where recalling the past held some value. The year 2020 was a year of reflection & retrospect! We must reflect upon it because it is events like these that shape us and our societies for generations to come. …

Design Thinking and User-Centred Design practices have recently gained the spotlight in the service design industries and businesses across the globe. Enterprises big and small have accepted the significance of design and the immense business potential it brings. What’s interesting is that the governments of the world have acknowledged the design revolution too, and are working proactively in allocating budgets for serving people well through design. We as a design studio had an opportunity to work with the Governments of the Middle East, and we were fascinated by their belief in design. …


Digital tendencies and users’ expectations change very rapidly. Some trends become outdated and move beyond, while others gain ground. Earlier these trends used to last for a couple of years, but now they get replaced or upgraded almost every year. After bringing you the UX Trends 2021, we are here with the UI Trends that are going to rule in 2021, and every designer must follow them.

1. 3D / Immersive Experience


Every year a new crop of design trend emerges from the work of previous years’ labor, all of them promising to revolutionize user experience and improve the users’ quality of life. Some trends delight and inspire, some make your eye ache. New grows old and sometimes old is new again. These trends are in a cycle that keeps changing according to the changing taste of customers while adapting to the way our perception of interaction with everyday objects changes. Navigating these changes is one of the challenging yet exciting aspects of a career in design. The evolution of users’ taste…

Introduction: Ambient Computing

Ambient/Ubiquitous computing is a concept that circumscribes many terms together. It can be considered as a magnificent amalgam of software, hardware products, and user experience with a major component of human-machine interaction and learning, all of these things becoming the aim of using a computer or any internet-enabled device, without necessarily deliberately using it.

In essence, it is a hoard of devices that we use at our workplace, at home or anywhere, these devices become the extensions of each other while offering us a seamless experience. The idea is — we no longer have to sit in front of a…

With online sales currently valued at $3.5 trillion, the e-commerce market is booming. Design is the key to build a successful e-commerce platform and crack the middle east market.

While it is not as developed as the markets in the United States or Europe, but it has picked up its pace and is rapidly evolving. This has created a perfect opportunity for businesses to enter the market and a well-designed e-commerce platform is a way to do so.

Understanding the middle east e-commerce market

The Region

The Middle East is often classified into 2 economic groups. First, that focuses on the 6 countries in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation…

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, 你好, Guten Tag, こんにちは, Привет, Merhaba, Jó Napot, Здраво!

We often tend to believe that cultural differences are becoming insignificant rapidly given the increased global outlook in every walk of life. Henceforth, we have witnessed the launch of products that follow one size fits all philosophy with an objective to accommodate a wider set of audience. It’s a separate discussion if such products end up exceeding the expectations or not, what’s evident is that such products fail to deliver customised experiences, which has become one of the most crucial expectations of the end-users. Culture reflects our values…

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